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Sorrento Ocean Beach

#1- The Steam Train, Back Beach Sorrento (Circa 1920-1950)
#2- The Sphinx Rock, Sorrento (Circa 1924-1954)
#3- Back Beach, Sorrento (Circa 1920-1954)
#4- Back Beach Kiosk, Sorrento (Circa 1920-1954)
#5- The ‘Koisk’, Sorrento Back Beach (Circa 1920-1954)
#6- Ocean Beach, Sorrento (Circa 1920-1950)
#7- Ocean Beach, Sorrento (Circa 1920-1950)
#8- The Back Beach, Sorrento (Circa 1920)

A collection of images of the Sorrento Ocean Beach from the early to mid 1900’s.
Images Courtesy Of- National Library Of Australia